Privacy Policy

1. Introduction.

Thank you for visiting and, if applicable, choosing to use our Website. We try to make our Privacy Policy easy to understand so that you are informed as to how we use your information. This Privacy Policy, like our Terms and Conditions, is an integral part of using our Website; therefore, you must completely agree to our Privacy Policy in order to use our Website. If you are under 18 please stop using our Website immediately.

Skillhop ("we", "us," or "Company") respects the privacy of its users (“you”) whether you are Project Owners or Contractors (as defined in the Terms and Conditions)

2. Definitions.

Throughout this Privacy Policy, we may use certain words or phrases, and it is important that you understand the meaning of them. The list is not all-encompassing and no definition should be considered binding to the point that it renders this Privacy Policy nonsensical:

“Skillhop”, “we” or “us” refers to the business which owns this website Skillhop, our Site, or our Service, depending on the context of the usage;

“Website(s)” refers to the Company’s applications, websites, content, products, and services;

“You” or “user” refers to you, the person who is entering into this Agreement with Skillhop, the owner and operator of

“Contractor” will refer to any users wishing to bid on projects listed by other users of Skillhop.

“Project Owner” will refer to any users posting a project on the Website.

3. Information Collected.

When using our Website, you will be required to provide us with your name, address, e-mail, business name, business address, telephone number, mobile telephone number, and credit card number. Your credit card information will not be stored on Skillhop servers, and will instead be maintained by our payment processor. You may also be required to submit additional personally identifiable information to us in order for us to better provide you with services or information on the project you are posting. If you are a Contractor, we may collect additional information from you or the state board in regards to your licenses and classifications. Contractors may also have information posted about them, including reviews of their work, pictures of their work, etc… Project Owners will also provide the location of the project, but the location will only be visible to Contractors selected by the Project Owner to be involved with the project. Whenever you visit our Website, we may collect non-identifying information from you, such as your IP address, referring URL, browser, operating system, cookie information, and Internet Service Provider. Additionally, by using our Website, we will collect usage statistics about your interactions with our Website. Without a subpoena, voluntary compliance on the part of your Internet Service Provider, or additional records from a third party such as your wireless provider, this information alone cannot usually be used to identify you.

Our Website is for the use of contractor’s and those wishing to have construction projects completed. We restrict the use of our service to individuals age 18 and above. We do not knowingly collect, maintain, or use personal information from any person under the age of 18.

4. Use of Your Information.

We will never sell, transfer or give your personally identifying information to a third party for commercial purposes without your permission. However, you agree that we may use your information:

  • To enhance or improve your user experience on our Website.
  • To understand how you use our Website.
  • To transfer to third parties and other users with your consent.
  • To process transactions between you and Skillhop.
  • To send emails about other third party products or services.
  • To send e-mails about our Website or respond to inquiries.
  • To exchange, sell or transfer with third parties for marketing purposes.
  • To resolve disputes between you and Skillhop.
  • To send e-mails and updates about Skillhop, including news and requests for agreement to amended legal documents such as this Privacy Policy and our Terms and Conditions.
  • To facilitate the resolution of any legal dispute arising in connection with the use of our Website
  • To perform any other function that we believe in good faith is necessary to protect the security or proper functioning of our Website.

Additionally, we may give your information to law enforcement if we are compelled to by a court order, if there has been a violation of any US laws or if a violation of the Terms and Conditions or Privacy Policy has occurred.

We may use and share non-personal information we collect under any of the above circumstances. We may combine non-personal information we collect with additional non-personal information collected from other sources. We also may share aggregated, non-personal information, or personal information in hashed, non-human readable form, with third parties, including advisors, advertisers and investors, for the purpose of conducting general business analysis or other business purposes. For example, we may engage a data provider who may collect web log data from you (including IP address and information about your browser or operating system), or place or recognize a unique cookie on your browser to enable you to receive customized ads or content. The cookies may reflect de-identified demographic or other data linked to data you voluntarily have submitted to us (such as your email address), that we may share with a data provider solely in hashed, non-human readable form. To opt-out of cookies that may be set by third party data or advertising partners, please go to

5. Accessing, Editing and Removing Your Information.

Users may in some cases be able to review and edit the personal information they have provided to us by logging into their account on the Website and editing their account. In order to make these changes simply access your account and profile settings. Although most changes in information or data collection preferences may change immediately some information may stay stored on a browser’s web cache. We take no responsibility for stored information in your cache, or in other devices that may store information, and disclaim all liability of such. In addition, we may, from time to time, retain residual information about you in our backup and/or database.

6. Cookies.

We use cookies to remember your preferences and locations and to keep track of your advertising preferences. For this reason, you must have cookies enabled in your browser to use our Website. Please be aware that some or all of our cookies may be accessible by third parties.

7. Third Parties.

Skillhop, or users, may post links to third party websites on the Website, which may include information that we have no control over. Whether you access third party websites through a link on our Website, or as a consequence of using our Website, you acknowledge that you are aware that these third party websites are not screened for privacy or security issues by us, and you release us from any liability for the conduct of these third party websites.

Please be aware that this Privacy Policy, and any other policies in place, in addition to any amendments, does not create rights enforceable by third parties. Skillhop bears no responsibility for the information collected or used by any advertiser or third party website. Please review the privacy policy and terms and conditions for each site you visit through third party links or through our Website.

8. Third Party Access to Your Information.

Although you are entering into an Agreement with Skillhop to disclose your information to us, we do use third party individuals and organizations to assist us, including contractors, web hosts, and others. Throughout your use of our Website, we may delegate our authority to collect, access, use, and disseminate your information. For example, we use a third party payment processor to process credit card transactions and must disclose your information to process such transactions. It is therefore necessary that you grant the third parties we may use in the course of our business the same rights that you afford us under this Privacy Policy. For this reason, you hereby agree that for every authorization which you grant to us in this Privacy Policy, you also grant to any third party that we may hire, contract, or otherwise retain the services of for the purpose of operating, maintaining, repairing, or otherwise improving or preserving our website or its underlying files or systems. You agree not to hold us liable for the actions of any of these third parties, even if we would normally be held vicariously liable for their actions, and that you must take legal action against them directly should they commit any tort or other actionable wrong against you.

9. Law Enforcement.

You agree that we may disclose your information to authorities if compelled to by a court order. Additionally, you agree that we may disclose your information if we reasonably believe that you have violated a US law or the terms of our Terms and Conditions or Privacy Policy or if we believe that a third party is at risk of bodily harm. In the event that we receive a subpoena affecting your privacy, we may elect to notify you to give you an opportunity to file a motion to quash the subpoena, or we may attempt to quash it ourselves, but we are not obligated to do either. We may also proactively report you and release your information without receiving any request from third parties where we believe that it is proper to do so for legal reasons, such as instances where we believe your publications violate any law of the United States or any other country having jurisdiction over us, our Website, or our Terms and Conditions. You release us from any damages that may arise from or relate to the release of your information to a request from law enforcement agencies or private litigants. We may release your information under the conditions listed in this paragraph whether it is to individuals or entities and to any state or Federal authorities within the United States, or elsewhere.

10. Commercial and Non-Commercial Communications.

By providing information to the Website that forms the basis of communication with you, such as contact information, you waive all rights to file complaints concerning unsolicited email from us, since you have agreed to such communication by providing your information to us. However, you may unsubscribe from certain communications by notifying Skillhop that you no longer wish to receive solicitations or information and we will endeavor to remove you from our database where you have the right to request this under our Agreement, Privacy Policy, or applicable law, or where we voluntarily decide to grant the request.

11. Security Measures.

We take certain measures to enhance the security of our Website through PCI DSS compliant hosting and SSL Certificates. We also employ vulnerability scanning. However, we make no guarantees as to the security or privacy of your information. We make every attempt to keep our website secure, but we recommend that you use anti-virus software, strong passwords, routine credit checks, firewalls, and other precautions to protect yourself from security and privacy threats.

13. International Transfer.

Your information may be transferred to - and maintained on - computers located outside of your state, province, country, or other governmental jurisdiction where the privacy laws may not be as protective as those in your jurisdiction. If you are located outside the United States and choose to provide information to us, Skillhop may transfer personal information to the United States or elsewhere and process it there. Your consent to this Privacy Policy followed by your submission of such information represents your agreement to that transfer.

14. Amendments.

Like our Terms and Conditions, we may amend this Privacy Policy at any time by posting a revised version of this agreement found on This Privacy Policy was last updated on April 1st, 2016. If you do not agree to the Terms and Conditions or the Privacy Policy, please stop using our Website immediately.