Our Mission

We strive to create a synergistic community by equipping construction project owners with the best quality contractors to choose from in order to achieve the best efficiency and cost, and to provide contractors with an avenue for new opportunities and networks, while offering assistance every step of the way.

Nicolas Ciobanu

Founder & CEO

An entrepreneur with experience in corporate finance, project management, and software engineering, Nicolas managed finances and construction investments for fortune 500 companies, for six years. Nicolas graduated from University of San Francisco with an undergraduate degree in finance and graduate degree in financial engineering.

Ioana Sfaraila


Designed and developed Skillhop website front-end & UI. With over 8 years of design and web-development experience, Ioana has brought Skillhop's beautiful user-friendly interface to life. She also had the opportunity to create graphics for a collection of motorcycles artistically representing such brands as Mike Tyson and Gumball 3000 rally.